Tiny Feet Fertility

It Takes Big Hearts To Make Tiny Feet

We’re here to help connect donors with intended parents. We will guide you step by step through this process and make it as easy as possible. We do amazing things, and you deserve the peace of mind of having knowledgeable and friendly people working for your little miracle.

It’s time to make a baby

Parent & Donor registration
Donor Moderation
Browse donor profiles
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Donor database is
growing rapidly. 

Color & material

We used light pastel colours for accent throughout the site. The colour scheme is baby oriented, and complements the site theme well. The base accents listed to the left is used in call to action, fonts and visual aid. Some variations using darker or lighter tones are placed appropriately for background colors.

Pastel Blue


Pastel Pinks


Soft Green


Helping New Families Find the Perfect Match Easily

We’ve done this

WordPress custom profile with front end publisher
Feature No. 1

Front End Profile Publishing

We created a custom front-end publisher/editor for a custom WordPress post type (donor-profile). It includes an extensive list of custom fields and attributes used to collect the donor profile physical details, health and life style information. The system allows for administrator moderation and to choose several post statuses.

Feature No. 2

Granular Search Function

Members can search the donor profiles based on multiple combinations of attributes. We custom coded and modified existing plugins to create a very detailed, but easy to use search. Most fields are selectable by simple check box and the results delivered in real time using Ajax, no need to refresh the browser.

Find the perfect gene tree

Membership Based eCommerce With Restricted Content? Yep.


Free Moderated Membership Access

Intended parents can register for database access, pending administrative approval.

Premium Memberships eCommerce

Parents are able to purchase donor connection through an egg donation co-ordinator

Customer Dashboard

Customer and member front-end dashboard. Includes invoice history, profile editor, billing information and more.

Powerful Slider

Video backgrounds and animated content to increase user interaction.

Beautiful Design

The site has a simple visually pleaseing design using quality imagery and graphics work.

Attention To Detail

We spend the time to make everything look right and in its place; we think its worth it.

How's This Look?

Gorgeous, Modern And Very Clean

We take pride in making sites look as good as they work and this design is no exception. Its our new eye candy hotness. 😉

A Ton of Additional Features

Crafted exactly for our client and their business. This web development has helped our client begin to reach their dream designed to succeed. The site supports many more features worth mention.

Themed Login, Registration

Professional design login, registration, and password reset. No custom site is complete without it.

Live Chat

Administration can easily connect with donors and customers. Good customer support is essential.

Beautiful Blog

Blog design has multiple style formats to choose from. Professional blog layouts without a degree in web design

Mobile Ready

Of course, the design is mobile ready. We wouldn't think to do it any other way 🙂

Secure Content

Protecting member data is important to our client and the site is secured with an SSL certificate

Call to Action

Strategic call to actions throughout the site, providing effective funnels to different user bases.

Room For Improvement? Of Course, And We’re Ready For the Next Steps

SEO Analysis

Detailed SEO analysis with site updating to target the ideal audience and auto posting to social networks to improve presence.

Page Speed

Speed Optimization to improve load times. Use of good minification, image smushing and caching will reduce load times to ideally under 3 seconds.

SEM Paid Advertising

Targeted digital advertising to help reach customers using Adwords. Every business owner wants more motivated paying customers right?

We craft experiences from customer information

We are changing peoples lives with a custom web system.

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