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Google Glass at a freaction of the cost

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If you haven’t heard of Google Glass yet its a pretty cool product released by Google. Google Glass allows the wearer to view information as well as capture information around them using a wearable device. You wear them like a pair of glasses and offers many very cool features. For example you can take a picture of your field of view by saying “take a picture”; its that easy. Basically its a smart phone that projects information like a HUD (heads up display) so the content is displayed right before your eyes (and more).

As awesome as that might be the price tag sure is not, expected $1500. Sure new ideas and technology always cost more but what if you could get a very similar device for a third of the price. Soon you will be able to.

A company called GlassUp has been developing a similar product for the last two years. They are an Italian company and recently added to crowdfunding site Indiegogo. They are working on raising a goal of $150k ($127,738 so far). Their device works with your smart phone to allow you to easily view text messages, emails social networks etc. Gianluigi Tregnaghi has created GlassUp prior to Google’s announcement of its Glass device.

Google does offer more features than GlassUp but with the huge price tag for Google Glass I would expect a viable market for GlassUp. GlassUp can be considered a “receive only” and lacks the interaction that Google offers. GlassUp works through blue tooth; your smart phone sends the data to your glasses. The information is displayed directly in front of you closer to the center of vision than Google Glass.

If you are interested in learning more about Google Glass you can find a direct link here: www.google.com/glass/

For further information on GlassUp: http://www.glassup.net/

Check out this video on Glass Up:

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