At RevolvedMedia we have had the absolute pleasure of working with mybalancedchef for their most recent website creation. Mybalancedchef offers a healthy meal preparation and delivery service in our community. All of their meals are made with wholesome, healthy and local ingredients and require no preparation- just heat and serve.

It has been so much fun helping with the website creation, particularly the delivery of their new spring menu. Read on to learn more about what we do here at Revolved.

Honestly, the most difficult part of creating this website was looking at these mouth-watering images all day long!

Awesome Business

When mybalancedchef approached us and asked to work together to get their website up and going, it was a no-brainer. Of course we wanted to work alongside a local business, using local ingredients whenever possible! We all know the feeling of working all day and dreading going home to cook dinner. It’s just so tempting to stop off at any one of the handful of fast food joints on the way home because it’s no muss, no fuss, but then we usually end up regretting what we’re putting into our body. Mybalancedchef offers an incredible meal preparation service that is convenient and healthy! No need to dread going home to cook or making the less than healthy decision of greasy fast food.

So How Did We Help?

Recently, mybalancedchef uploaded their newest spring menu.  We were busy helping set up the products and meal package bundles for their big reveal.
To begin, we had to make this new menu known and visible right away, so using WordPress we found a cheery spring photo for a space on the home page and included a link to take visitors straight to the Spring menu. This simple button can make a big difference because it sends the message to visitors- “We’ve got something new and exciting, and we want you to check it out!”

To make the shopping process easier we utilized the hover effect which allows customers to hover over the photo and be shown how much the product costs. No need to enter a new page for pricing and then hit that back page for every option. It’s all in one space.

In addition to creating a smooth shopping experience, we set up four different sections for package bundles- three that cater to different diets: Carnivores, Vegetarians, and Gluten Free. The fourth section is Balanced Chef’s favourites. This allows webpage visitors a clear understanding of what mybalancedchef offers and takes away the confusion of digging through a bunch of links and pages to find what they’re looking for.

These categories can also help ease any anxiety for customers over certain dietary restrictions, like gluten, because they know exactly where to find the healthiest option for them.

We’ll Wrap it up Here

RevolvedMedia knows that a clean cut, clear and concise user-friendly website can make all the difference in the online experience your customers have. We understand the online community so you and your company will be noticed!

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